Baking Day!

I’ve been looking forward to today for over a week. A day to stay home. Let the oven warm up the house (it’s been so cold here for the past two weeks). A day to make delicious REAL food.

Around this house, we are getting ready for our Thanksgiving road trip. Laundry and packing are so much more enjoyable with the smells of a fresh loaf of bread baking, and cinnamon spiced granola in the oven!


This granola is SO easy to make, and it’s SERIOUSLY delicious! I just hope some of it will last until Saturday. Its like eating candy! If you can’t find unsweetened coconut or don’t happen to have sunflower or pumpkin seeds, don’t let that stop you from making this. Just add more cashews and almonds.

I also made some muffins. What road trip isn’t complete without MUFFINS?!?!

These were a great idea because I needed to use up some carrots I bought from our local farmer. I used pure maple syrup instead of honey, and baked half of them in Mickey Mouse muffin liners for my son. He LOVES Mickey!

Only a couple more items left to make. Next on the list:
Homemade Larabars
Whole Wheat Tortillas

But first, little man needs a nap…

Thank you 100 Days of Real Food for the great road trip worthy recipes. There won’t be any fast food stops for this family!

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